Christopher & Sarah’s Engagement Session

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Christopher and Sarah braved a rather gray and blustery April day and were able to take some fabulous photos at Rivertown Inn for their engagement session with the help of Eliesa from Photogen-Inc.  They were married at Camrose Hill Flower Farm  and spent their wedding night in our Agatha Christie Grand Suite in July 2009. Congratulations to Christopher and Sarah!

View their engagement photos below:

Chris and Sarah at the gated entrance to Rivertown Inn

Next to our mermaid fountain

On the East-side porch

In the courtyard

On the front stairway

In the Agatha Christie Grand Suite

Having some fun in Chef Ray’s kitchen!

In the Browning Suite

In the Browning Suite

In the front stairway

To schedule your engagement session, wedding photos and/or a night stay at Rivertown Inn, Please contact us at (651)430-2955 or

Visit Chris and Sarah’s photographer at

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