Details, details, details……

The only bats at the Rivertown Inn are permanent fixtures:

Early in the restoration we stumbled on these amazing fixtures.  I’m nuts about Halloween…I suppose I could have saved this post ’til then….but I’ve been thinking about these quite a bit lately and decided to share now (expect another related post come October).  I came across the description of the symbolism in the most recent Rejuvenation Resource Guide.

The bat and serpent design on our

Drake and Sunset comes from Celtic mythology, and symbolizes the triumph of science

and modern medicine over witchcraft.

Love this….thought you would too.  We keep small flicker bulbs in these and they’re on into the night at the inn.

I had a tough time capturing the detail in any meaningful way, so I’ve included a shot from the catalog:

These are obviously reproductions, but so exquisitely done I don’t mind a bit.  Next time you’re at the inn don’t forget to look up.  During a summer evening you can enjoy social hour on the front wrap-around porch with bats overhead.  Can’t say that – calmly – about too many places, huh?