Brick Alley Studio

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Located on the second floor of the Brick Alley Building, the studio is inviting and relaxing. Having been the old power plant, the building really showcases the exquisite exposed brick  walls and unique architecture. Take the time to visit the other retail shops and restaurant that also call the building home. The reception area of the Brick Alley Studio welcomes you with a rooftop view of the city, soft music and tea. There is a full line of organic aromatherapy products to sample; including essential oils, aromatherapy mists, and body care products.

There are two rooms where they offer therapeutic treatments. Both rooms exude a warm and comfortable feeling that greatly enhances the treatments. Their services include: Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Thai Massage/Thai Yoga Bodywork, Healing Touch/Reiki,Cupping, Hot Stone Massage, and much more.

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