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Murasaki is located in a typical looking strip mall in Stillwater, but what you find when you walk in the door will delight you. They have a Sushi Bar offering only the very freshest and highest quality seafood products on their extensive sushi menu, prepared to your order by skilled chefs. Their dining menu offers wonderful shrimp, chicken, and vegetable tempura. Steak, salmon, and chicken Teriyaki from the grill, as well as delicious Japanese sukiyaki and Japanese noodle soups.

They also have two Teppanyaki tables (also known as Hibachi) that invite you and your friends or family to enjoy their exciting Teppanyaki menu featuring mouthwatering filet mignon, choice sirloin steak, lobster, shrimp, scallops, chicken, and many other items cooked to your taste right at your table by their talented chef, Eloncio.

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