Aamodt’s Apple Orchard

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Bringing in the harvest for over 600 years! For three generations the Aamodt family has nurtured the finest apples and invited people to sample the good life at their picturesque farm. The personal touch is as much a central part of Aamodt’s today at it was in 1948 when Thor and Lucille Aamodt planted the orchard. Tom and JoAnn Aamodt expanded it to include more than 6,000 trees and 60 acres.

The apple farm has as its core a cluster of historic buildings that gives the taste of American farm life. The quaint Aamodt farm boasts two 1880’s barns, granary, apple storage and preparation barns, and bakery. All are open free to visitors! Take a walk through the trees and pick your own apples in the orchard. They will direct you to the trees that will give you the freshest apples available. Make it a family tradition!

For More Information, Please Visit www.aamodtsapplefarm.com


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