Winter at the Rivertown Inn

Winter is a great time for an overnight stay at the Rivertown Inn.  With jetted hot tubs in each of the 9 guest rooms and 17 fireplaces, it’s the perfect place to snuggle with a loved one or enjoy a good book.  The sidewalks are kept impeccably clear and the front porch, which faces south, can be quite enjoyable on a sunny winter day.  Chef Ray creates seasonal appetizers for the daily social hour and then tops off your visit with a 3-course breakfast.

John O’Brien, the original builder of this house, was a local lumber baron.   Snow was very important to the lumber industry as they used the slick surface as a means of dragging the logs to the riverbanks where they would be floated to the mills after the Spring thaw.  An article from the Stillwater Gazette dated February 15, 1882, stated, “John O’Brien came down from the woods Monday afternoon.  He reports snow as a scarce article, but work is getting on as fast as possible under the circumstances.”

O'Brien Anderson Camp Winter

Anderson & O’Brien Lumber Camp in the winter of 1886-1887 (Courtesy of the John Runk Collection)

Another reference to snow in the Stillwater Gazette of January 10, 1900, highlights the hazards of working in the lumber camps: “John O’Brien is confined to his residence with a sprained ankle.  While in the woods Thursday he jumped off a log.  His right foot went into a hole concealed by the snow and the right ankle was twisted.  Mr. O’Brien came home last evening and Dr. Merrill put the injured ankle in a plaster casting.  Crutches will be necessary for a time.”

O'Brien Mulvey Camp

Mulvey & O’Brien Lumber Camp in 1890 (Courtesy of the John Runk Collection)

So, if you are recuperating from a minor injury, or just want a little break during this cold winter, consider a stay at the Rivertown Inn.  Our staff can even arrange for an afternoon of snowshoeing through Wahoo! Adventures or direct you to local cross country ski trails.

If you reserve a room with us during the months of March and April, mention this blog and you will receive a bottle of wine.  This offer can not be used with any other offers, coupons or certificates.  You may make these arrangement by calling the Rivertown Inn at (651) 430-2955 or reserving on line through our website at (enter the word BLOG as the promotional code).

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