Alfred, Lord Tennyson Suite

On the third floor of the Rivertown Inn at the very front of the house is the suite we’ve dedicated to poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson.  Appointed Poet Laureate of England in 1850, Tennyson is regarded as one of the most popular poets of the Victorian era.  During much of his life he struggled with fears of mental illness, the death of very close friends, and vision so poor he needed a monocle to eat.  He married Emily, had two sons, and worked tirelessly until his death in 1892.  He is buried in the Poet’s Corner in Westminster Abby.

The hand carved bed and night stand in the Lord Tennyson suite.  An imposing club chair and Tennyson’s dog await his arrival.

The Tennyson bed is a hand-carved English piece, not unlike Tennyson may have had in his home.

The only two-room suite in the main house, Emily’s Room is a small ante-room dedicated to Tennyson’s beloved wife.

The Tennyson whirlpool positioned directly across from one of two fireplaces.

Literature is such a wonderful theme to build an inn around, and the Tennyson Suite is a perfect example.  We found a picture of Tennyson and his family from the mid-1800’s, and had it beautifully framed; it welcomes you right inside the main door.  An extensive collection of his works are available on tables and shelves, and pictures of his English homes adorn the walls.  The light in the room is soft and elegant, the colors are refined yet comfortable, and we’ve even devoted a small corner to his boys, whom he cherished.  Emily’s Room is representative of a space that certainly occupied their homes where she could read by the fire and be with her children.

Next time you’re at the Rivertown Inn consider staying in this beautiful suite.  You’ll be enveloped in warmth, elegance and comfort, and might just absorb a bit of Tennyson’s calm and contemplative spirit.

“If I had a flower for every time I thought of you…I could walk through my garden forever.”

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