Details, details, details…..beautiful light fixtures

The light must have been just right today; every time I walked in to a room I was immediately drawn to the way it caught the crystal in the  fixtures at the inn.  Have you ever noticed this?  There are crystal chandeliers on each floor, and they’re gorgeous.  Drop dead gorgeous.  Always.  But today they were especially so.  Case in point is the gorgeous fixture the Jane Austen suite.  This suite is so feminine and beautiful with white painted woodwork and window seats overlooking the garden and gazebo below…but today this is what stood out:

Steve Gnan from Let There Be Light – the most fantastic historic lighting studio anywhere – says this is a bear to work on because the wiring runs through the curved arms, which are glass.  Tricky.  And he’s the guy for the job.  He’s responsible for two of the light fixtures I’m showcasing here today, and nearly all of the fixtures in the inn.  Steve has told me this one is from approximately 1910.    The crystal strands, the curve of the arms….I love this piece.

And this gem….oh man.  It’s in the Lewis Carroll bedchamber on the third floor of the inn.  Exquisite detail here.  The clusters of grapes are glass…the piece that attaches to the ceiling is cut glass. The crystal is elegant and really lends class and grace to a whimsical space.   Why this isn’t hanging in my house I do not know….it’s gorgeous.  Glass arms on this one too.

In the entrance of the Agatha Christie Grand Suite hangs this stunning Tiffany fixture.  We’re told.  We found this in Atlanta, GA about six years ago.   Probably 1920 or so, all original. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in to this room in a barrel vaulted ceiling. It really captures the sunlight through the stained glass window.

And finally, while this is neither a ceiling fixture nor crystal, it’s just stunning…and it’s lighting.  This is in the Lord Byron Suite.

So many details contribute to the elegant feeling in each of the rooms at the inn, but few have more dramatic impact than the lighting we choose.  We are so fortunate to have Steve at Let There Be Light, and wonderful electricians at Vision Electric in town, to re-wire and hang these historic pieces.  Take a look around next time you’re at the inn and check out the period lighting everywhere.  They’ve all been meticulously restored and cast a beautiful glow.

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