Details, details, details….The Browning Suite

The original master bedroom at 306 West Olive, the suite we now have devoted to the Brownings at the Rivertown Inn is bathed in sunlight in the afternoon, overlooking the gardens and the gazebo, and hosts a gorgeous Italian Rococo Revival half-tester bed, dresser and vanity set.  It’s beautiful.  We’re always looking for ways to infuse each suite or bedchamber with the personality of the author or poet.  We scored at an auction recently where we were fortunate to find an oil painting by an artist named Muggy (haven’t found much detail on him or her yet) and it’s stunning.  It is so close in likeness to Elizabeth Barrett Browning that it deserves this spot above the mantel:

The colors are perfect for this room.  The age is appropriate; the Brownings reigned over the European literary scene during the mid-1800’s and this oil painting is at least that age.  The Brownings lived primarily in Italy, and I can imagine this oil – or something quite similar – gracing their home.  Robert Browning adored Elizabeth, and their courtship and marriage is well-documented in their many letters and poems.  The mantel in this suite is filled primarily with their books.  It’s a beautiful place, with a down-filled love-seat, a gorgeous piece of stained glass in the bath, and details to appreciate at every turn.  Next time you’re at the Rivertown Inn consider spending a night in this beautiful suite surrounded by the beauty and poetry of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

One thought on “Details, details, details….The Browning Suite

  1. Beautiful portrait …. but I have to say your written description of this suite is delightful in every way and paints a scrumptious image … you’re really good Julie. Do you write love sonnets as well …?

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