Details, details, details…..the dining room walls

The dining room at the Rivertown Inn has been the scene of some wonderful dinners over the years, and most every day – when not on the wraparound porch – a spectacular 3-course gourmet breakfast is served here.  I photographed this room today for a promotional piece our marketing guru is working on: executive retreats.  Why go to a predictable hotel when you can reserve the entire inn for your team building and creative thinking needs?  But I digress.  The detail today is on the gorgeous walls in the dining room.

About eight years ago a very talented designer photocopied an old painting on to large canvas sheets, applied that canvas on to the walls, then strategically over-painted details.  The result is the appearance of an historic hand-painted work.  We love it, and guests comment on it all the time.  Have you noticed this?

Next time you’re at the inn check out the walls in this spectacular room.  This is truly a detail we treasure here.  Hope to see you at the table soon….

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