Details, Details, Details……Lewis Carroll

Tucked under the eaves on the third floor of the Rivertown Inn is a cozy, warm and thoroughly entertaining bedchamber named for Lewis Carroll, aka Charles Dodgson.  Lewis Carroll, the famed author of the Alice in Wonderland books, was a multifaceted man: photographer, mathemetician, minister, poet and writer.  We chose this author for this space because the room was quirky, had amazing under-the-eaves roof lines, and a charm about it that just spelled “Alice.”   My friend Louise found this fabric for the spread – appropriately entitled “Queen of Hearts” – and I think it’s absolutely perfect!

This comfortable space – while the smallest room in the inn – has every amenity that the others have: a fireplace, a beautiful hot tub, cozy curl-up robes, loads of books by the author and now this amazing king bed is outfitted in Queen of Hearts fabric.

“Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!”  Like the White Rabbit I must go, but I encourage you to check out this whimsical new addition to the Lewis Carroll bedchamber.  By the end of next week we’ll have a fabulous new pair of old chairs too (how Alice in Wonderland is that?).  My friend Rachel sold them to me – they’ve been in her family for many years, and will now stay in Stillwater – all refinished and recovered in a lavender fabric – in this charming Lewis Carroll bedchamber.  With im-proper scale, skeleton keys, a Cheshire cat, a mad hatter hat and  fantastic old books – and a picture of Alice Liddell (the original Alice) herself – this is definitely a room to consider when staying at the Rivertown Inn.

Looking forward to seeing you very soon.

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