Details, details, details….The Washing Machine Explosion….

Okay…it’s not all pillow fluffing, flower arranging and making nice.  Sometimes – okay lots of times – the unexpected happens.  Especially in an old house.  I’ve restored more than one, and I’m here to tell ‘ ya you can remodel and restore and redo, but in an old house you’ll have foundation issues, window issues, weird unexplainable mystery issues, and mechanical issues…even if you’ve replaced and tended to all those things. And sometimes at the most inconvenient of times the washing machine breaks.  Or explodes.  Really.  Your honor, I submit Exhibit #1:

I know.  And here’s the kicker:  it’s six weeks old.  We already have the new one in place (Sears Home Protection is the best deal anywhere.  I love Sears for appliances); the insurance company asked us to leave this in the basement until they can come out and personally assess the sheet rock damage.

So while this “detail” is not pretty, it’s a very important detail: owning an inn is all that, but just like in my Pilates sessions, I’ve realized your core must be strong.  You need to be able to quickly respond to such emergencies calmly, efficiently and gracefully.  Enter Larry Loyer (along with the best staff anywhere), who is our Rivertown Emergency Room on-call dream.  He handles these things with grace and self-assurance.  We’re so grateful no one was standing nearby; this could have been ugly.

At the inn we have drama and OMG moments as much as any historic building; the beauty at Rivertown Inn is that we have such spectacular people on board to handle it.  We have resources in town that we’re supremely grateful to who will show up with little more than a phone call. We safeguard the guest from any hint of drama so your experience is peaceful, restful and exquisite in every way.  We have meticulously updated every single system in this gorgeous old home.  The basement is organized and beautifully clean (thank you team).  Yet stuff happens.  And we’re prepared.

Next time you’re at Rivertown Inn I’m confident this washer will have been hauled away.  And hopefully you’ll suspect no hint of trouble underneath the surface of this extraordinary home, because there will be none.  But just in case there is, we’ve got it covered.

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