Old books……

I’ve already written about my love of quotes, and the fact that I love – like really love – old books is probably a natural extension of that.  The old pages, the smell and feel of the books themselves, the gorgeous way they were bound.  I love my Kindle, but I truly appreciate the kind of love and attention that went in to this sort of detail.  This book below is in our Tennyson Suite, and it’s a fantastic example of what you’ll find everywhere in the inn:

I’ve found them everywhere: antiques shops of course, but Goodwill and garage sales are sometimes amazing resources for these treasures. Ebay is fantastic, and often times these vintage reads are quite reasonable.  One of the reasons I love designing the inn so much is that every room has a theme, and when you’re pulling a space together that’s a crucial starting point.  Whether the theme is your children, media viewing, or in this case Alfred Lord Tennyson, it  helps to make the room feel warmer and more unified.

Every author and poet has many of these books in their rooms at Rivertown Inn.  On your next visit to the inn you’ll find them everywhere; you’ll also find interesting titles written a century ago or more. From the witty and clever books of Lewis Carroll to the supremely serious ballads of Byron to the more current crime novels written by Agatha Christie, there is something for everyone at the Rivertown Inn.

Looking forward to seeing you – with book in hand – at the Rivertown Inn.

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