Details, details, details……Quotes

I love quotes.  Quotes make me stop and think, they’re beautiful to read, and – at the Rivertown Inn – they’re beautiful to look at.  Our nine room literary-themed inn is full of quotes.  Tiffany Little, a representative with Uppercase Living, came out to the inn over a year ago and measured each space we identified (every guest room has at least one), and after we selected the font and the color, she took each uniquely selected piece of inspiration and turned it in to a custom masterpiece on the wall.  She did a spectacular job.  The rooms were beautiful before, but for me the quotes infuse each space with personality and warmth in a way little else could.  It’s sort of like hearing Longfellow, Wilde or, in this case, a character from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, come alive.  This romantic quote featured below is imposing and dramatic at over four feet tall, and positioned directly above the whirlpool tub in this spacious, beautiful bath.  On your next visit to the Rivertown Inn, consider staying in the Jane Austen Bedchamber.  The oil painting of Jane at her writing desk (purchased on eBay, an artist in Paris who loves everything Austen painted it), many Austen books (some vintage some new) and a stunning piece of 19th century stained glass in the bath (Jeff’s contribution to the inn…he loves stained glass), are a few of the many details you’ll find here.  It’s luxurious, comfortable and romantic.  Can a room offer more romantic inspiration than this?

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