Details details details……

Welcome to a new chapter in the Rivertown Inn blog.  I’m Julie, and my husband and I have owned the inn since October, 1999.  We’ve restored, polished and re-designed every square inch of this literary-themed inn since that very first day.  I’m so excited to share what we have to offer discerning inn guests.  I will be posting near-daily updates on details and happenings at this historic Stillwater gem; it’s the meticulous attention to all details that I believe set us apart.  We’re a nine-room inn that is more like a small boutique hotel than a traditional bed and breakfast.  Our resident chef Ray Remler creates fresh, health-conscious breakfasts each morning, and gladly accommodates any dietary restrictions you might have.

 The Detail of the Day is found in the Christina Rossetti Bedchamber.  Located at the top of the front stairs in the main house, this is one of our coziest spaces.  And I mean ‘cozy’ in the best possible way. When I finally find a night to stay at the inn myself, this is where I’m headed.  In this gorgeous photograph below I’m focusing on the restored 1800’s canopied bed.  It’s smaller than our other beds at the inn, but it’s extraordinary: from the custom-made mattress to the stunning fabrics that were hand-selected and sewn for this very room. And really, aren’t you at the inn to get closer to your loved one?  Unless you’re crazy tall don’t let the size throw you off  (it’s just shy of a queen).  The orientation of the room is lovely; at the front of the inn it overlooks an historic residential street lined with beautiful 19th century homes.  The print above the fireplace is by Dante’ Rossetti, Christina’s brother.  There are photographs of Dante’ in the room, as well as Christina herself. I recently found a photograph of the entire Rossetti family; it’s beautifully framed and hanging right inside the door.  This is among our most affordable rooms due to the size, though it’s dramatic in feel and warmth.  Did you know at the Rivertown Inn every room has every amenity?   The Molton Brown products are fantastic, the curl-up robes, the large whirlpool tub, the Bose sound system with an iPhone cord next to your bed, the exquisite linens, and if you truly have to stay connected to the outside world, our recently upgraded wi-fi is free.  Every room is adorned with a quote by the author or poet.  It’s truly a getaway like no other.  Consider a special evening away for the two of you, or that time alone you desperately need to recharge.  This historic bed is just one of the details that make the Christina Rossetti bedchamber an exquisite choice next time you’re visiting the Rivertown Inn. Call us today to reserve this charming room.

“All things that pass are wisdom’s looking-glass.”   Christina Rossetti

2 thoughts on “Details details details……

  1. This is the most amazing Inn in the Twin Cities, I had the pleasure of working at The Historic Rivertown Inn as Innkeeper for some time. It is so well cared for and done so tastefully! Julie is so talented!! She has put her personal touch on all that is beautiful in this inn. Each and every room is amazing! Jeff and Julie show a true love and respect for historic restoration. They are an amazing couple who really care about our community and those who come to visit! Visit this Inn and enjoy the very best Stillwater has to offer.

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