NEW: Stillwater’s Chilkoot Cafe & Cyclery

Chilkoot Cafe & Cyclery opened in June and is located just a few block away from Rivertown Inn. The cafe was recently featured in Heavy Table, a Twin Cities-based magazine for foodies. Read the article below.

Try climbing Chilkoot Hill in Stillwater, MN, and you’ll start to feel the burn around step number four or five. The hill has a 24 percent grade (rising 100 feet over a distance of 700 feet), which makes it treacherous enough to be closed off during the winter. It’s far too steep for cars. Cyclists, on the other hand, love the vertical challenge, and so do the owners of the hill’s namesake, the newly opened Chilkoot Cafe & Cyclery, located a few blocks away from the epic climb.

Tucked inside one of Stillwater’s South Hill residential pockets, the Chilkoot Cafe offers counter service dining (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), coffee, and pastry, as well as bike repairs and maintenance in its adjoining bike shop. The cafe held its grand opening mid-June, in tandem with the Stillwater Nature Valley Grand Prix bike race, whose director, Lee Stylos, is also the owner of Chilkoot Cafe & Cyclery.

According to Stylos, there are three ingredients that make for a great local cafe: a unique, inviting space; a welcoming, informed staff; and a menu that leaves customers with lingering “food memories.” Stylos started working with Chef Michael Moore in December to create that ideal neighborhood cafe. Having purchased a building that had once been a grocery store in the 1920s called Kearney’s Korner Market, Stylos and Moore set to work gutting the joint, reclaiming old windows and floorboards, building a kitchen, and, meanwhile, discussing the menu. Read More…

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