Through the Years: Rivertown Inn’s Jane Austen Bedchamber

Rivertown Inn continues to evolve, as it has throughout history, and yet it still maintains the charm and grace of the Victorian period. Our Jane Austen Bedchamber is the perfect example of how a room can evolve and update with the times, and yet still maintain its original feel. The Jane Austen Bedchamber was remodeled a little over 2 years ago. Before its remodel it was known as the William Morris Bedchamber and was decorated in more of an Arts & Crafts style.

Scroll down to view photos and see how Jane Austen has evolved throughout the years at Rivertown Inn.

The beginning of the William Morris

William Morris featured a full-size bed with a heavy tapestry coverlet

The completed William Morris Bedchamber

The owners and designer wanted to continue the serene sage green color of the William Morris bath into the room. They update the bath with an arched stain glass window that adds to the delightful decor.

William Morris is transformed into Jane Austen, an English cottage-style bedchamber featuring a built-in king size bed draped in sophisticated moss-green and blush fabrics, delicate crystal chandelier, cushioned window nook, and cozy fireplace.

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