Cooking Classes for 2010!


Rivertown Inn is proud to offer a new series of culinary classes taught by our talented European chef Ray Wyatt, presented in our professional gourmet kitchen setting. Join us for a truly unique culinary experience! See the 2010 Culinary Calendar below.

Our fun and informative 3-hour classes feature hands-on instruction, plentiful food and wine samplings, and a take-home recipe booklet of the day’s menu. Each class begins at 1:00pm. $65.00 per person. As our classes are limited to 6 people, they tend to fill quickly. We recommend you reserve your seat as soon as possible.

Cooking Classes 2010

Soups and Stews from Around the World

January 23rd

Soups and stews are two of the oldest methods known to man and with so many flavors and styles of soups and stews from around the world; this is the perfect class for those cold winter nights!

Knife Skills and Foundations, Cooking 101

February 20th

In this class we will introduce you to important skills to help make your time in the kitchen more efficient, from types of knives and their uses to how to speed chop, using those skills we will prepare some important base products essential to your kitchen.

Fish Class, Selecting, Prepping, Cooking and Pairing

March 13th

Learn the things you need to know when it comes to selecting fish and how to butcher flat and round fish and turn them into delectable dishes.

Northern French Cuisine

April 17th

There is a distinct difference between the cooking in the North of France and cooking in the South of France, and in this class we will go over some of the classics found in Northern French Cuisine and some of the typical techniques used in classic French Cuisine.

Southern French Cuisine

May 15th

A great follow up to our Northern French class is this class on Southern French Cuisine. We will explore what makes the cuisine of the south of France unique and Vibrant and prepare some fantastic and flavorful classics.

Scandinavian Cooking

June 12th

It is not all Lefse and Lutefisk! This is a great class to look deeper into the food of Scandinavia. The food from this region of the world is driven by quality ingredients and classic technique creating a unique and delightful cuisine.

Asian Flavors

July 17th

In this class we will take a closer look at some of the unique and amazing products and cooking styles from various parts of Asia. Making dishes with typical ingredients, you will be able to recreate some of the most popular and classic dishes

Spanish and Portuguese Cuisine

August 21st

From the rolling hills and mountainous regions to the beautiful coastline, Spain and Portugal have a unique and diverse cuisine which focuses on regional product and age old techniques creating one of the most classic and flavorful cuisines there are.

Southern Italian

September 18th

As the summer starts to come to an end I begin to think about Southern Italian Cuisine. We will look at the difference in the style of food and the ingredients used in Southern Cuisine in comparison to Northern Italian Cuisine

Northern Italian

October 16th

A fantastic follow up to our Southern Italian Class and as the temperature starts to drop it is the perfect time of year to look at northern Italian cuisine as is heartier than Southern and a perfect beginning to the colder season which lies ahead

Appetizers to Impress

November 13th

It is that time of year again where the holiday parties start to begin. In this class you will learn some new appetizers to impress your friends and family and to add a new twist to some of those overused and less exciting appetizers!

Pastries and Desserts

December 4th

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. Coincidence?  I think not!

This anonymous quote couldn’t have said it any better. Learn some tasty pastries and desserts guaranteed to add extra flair and flavor to your holiday season and to remove some of that unneeded stress!

****Please note that in addition to our regularly-scheduled cooking classes, private classes for 6 can be arranged on select dates

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