Chef Ray Wyatt on Twin Cities Live


Chef Ray Wyatt was on Twin Cities Live on Channel 5 yesterday, helping the hosts make a Fig & Marzipan Tart!

The fig is one of the first foods that humans figured out they could grow on their own.  Chef Ray Wyatt is taking the fruit from the ficus tree and turning it into a tasty treat you can eat year round. Figs are extremely easy to cook with or even eaten raw with cheese and cured hams such as Parma, Serrano or prosciutto. A classic and simple way is baking them with honey which is great with ice cream or even goats cheese.

Click Here to See Chef Ray on Twin Cities Live: – Fig and Marzipan Tart

Chef Ray Wyatt was born and raised in Hastings, England. There he attended culinary school at the age of fifteen, after which he worked in various four-star hotels in England. At nineteen, Chef Ray moved to Denmark where he discovered true culinary art. He spent six years in Denmark learning fine cuisine and the Danish language, and in 1999 left for Australia where he spent one year working and traveling. In 2001, Chef Ray moved to Minnesota to be with his wife, and has made Minnesota his home. His cuisine can be described as French classic with Mediterranean influence.

We are thrilled to have Ray on board preparing sumptuous three-course gourmet breakfasts for guests, offering five-course wine dinners, wine tastings and cooking classes here at the Rivertown Inn. He is a master chef whose culinary artistry is both inventive and flavorful.

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