Room Highlight: Longfellow Bedchamber


This inviting bedchamber is our most masculine room at Rivertown Inn. The spicy plum and mossy green hues of the walls, bullion-trimmed draperies, and custom coverlet highlight the natural elegance and harmony of the room along with the dark wood tones. The bed is a king-size with a partial canopy or half-tester canopy. The bed is a custom-made reproduction created in style of the Victorian period due to the fact that the larger bed size was not available at the time. The grand and wonderfully carved serving cupboard has a twin that sits in our dining room. Both are originally from an Appalachian hunting lodge.

The intimate fireplace is set in a grand Victorian era mantel originally from Cambridge, England. The room also features a hidden bath which is a step up from the main room. The exquisite bath includes a large rectangular double-whirlpool tub with a vintage-style tin ceiling and wall surround.

To Check Availability for our Longfellow Bedchamber, Please Click Here

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