The Coolest Experience


The Minus 5 ice bar was recently featured in Valley Women and Beyond Magazine’s August/September issue. The Minus 5 ice bar is located next to the Freight House and is by far the coolest experience in Stillwater, MN. The ice bar is housed in a larger-than-life cooler. Electric blue lights illuminate the clear structures that are all made of ice, including the bar, table, bench, decorations and the glasses. Minus 5 worked with a local ice sculpture artist, Chris Swarbrick to create, carve and design the decor of the sculptures that line the east wall of the bar. A tall bear, an American flag and even an almost life-size statue of Michael Jackson stand near in the ice bar.

Depending on the amount of customers, a time limit may be imposed of 30 minutes, but that is just long enough to enjoy a nice cool down in a temperature of 23 degrees Fahrenheit. The cover charge includes the 30-minute time limit, a free drink, a large parka to wear and a complimentary pair of gloves. The company that builds and maintains the bar, Minus 5, is based out of Las Vegas and has only eight other locations in the world. The ice bar in Stillwater is a prototype to be transportable to other locations around the country. It is truly the ideal location for everything from small events to bachelor and bachelorette parties, or just to experience a once in a lifetime adventure in a modernized igloo.

If you have been in the ice bar yet, you don’t have much time left. It will only be in Stillwater until the end of September. It won’t be too long before we have to step into an ice bar to experience cool weather.

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