Room Highlight: Alfred, Lord Tennyson Suite


Our Tennyson Suite has under gone some changes and re-arranging since this photo was taken. A grand 1870’s hand carved walnut bed has since been added to the room. The bed is adorned with winged cherubs and an entire fishing scene including the sea, volcanoes, cherubs and fishing nets all carved along the foot board. It is truly the centerpiece of this luxurious two-room suite.

The hand-screen trellis wallpaper is covered in green foliage and provides a beautiful garden conservatory-like backdrop for the drapery-enclosed whirlpool tub. The femininity of the wallpaper and the draperies is balanced out by the dark wood furnishings that have been added to the room just recently. An elaborately carved desk now sits in the corner of the room with a Tiffany-style lamp perched upon it and an  inviting antique couch is situated in front of the fireplace.

This lovely suite also features a sunny adjoining sitting parlor that is the ideal place to cozy up on a comfy chair with a glass of wine and a good book. The large needlepoint floor cushions allow you to languish in front of the second fireplace which is surrounded by hand-painted floral tiles. The parlor is also unique in that it features walls upholstered in raspberry Toile fabric. The Alfred, Lord Tennyson Suite is the ultimate in luxury and comfort.

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