Stillwater Daily Gazette


While visiting her hometown of Vail, IA this past week,  Innkeeper Mary Dieter stumbled upon an old Stillwater Daily Gazette from June 25, 1927 in an antique shop. The newspaper is a commemorative edition featuring the Lowell Inn. All of the articles are tied directly to the much anticipated hotel and its opening with titles such as, “Hotel is Now In Sight; $45,000 in Treasurer’s Hands”,  “Yes, At Last, Oh Lord, We Have A Hotel”, and “Stillwater is Delighted With Its New Lowell Inn”. The newspaper covers every angle of the hotel and its opening with articles about everything from the thirteen pillars on the Lowell Inn portico representing the thirteen original colonies, to the rotary club becoming personally acquainted with the the president of the Roberts Hotel System, which operated Stillwater’s Lowell Inn. You can see the excitement in the people of the city of  Stillwater through the newspaper.

The Gazette is highly delighted to present this edition which, if printer’s ink can, certainly must express the spirit that has urged Stillwater on to worthy accomplishments.”

The Lowell Inn, “the pride of Stillwater,” and Stillwater’s Industry provide the subject of this edition. Stillwater is indeed proud of its hotel, and it is enthusiastic when citing its industry.

“You may desire to send copies of this edition to relatives or friends who live out of the city.”

Other articles, unrelated to the hotel, truly help you understand the time period. One article speaks of South Dakota honoring President Coolidge and another talks of Lindbergh becoming the Rockefeller of American commercial aviation. This newspaper has given us a better understanding of what life in this city, and the country was like then.

Mary was delighted to find this rare piece of Stillwater history and to find it so unexpectedly in her hometown in the state of Iowa. We look forward to sharing it with you during our stay with us! In 1925 the paper cost 25 cents, but now this little piece of our city’s history is priceless.


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