More News on The Kitchen (Formerly Stones Restaurant)

jim kynderberg

The Kitchen, a new restaurant in Stillwater, is located in the Grand Garage space that was formerly Stones Restaurant. The Kitchen was recently featured in the Small Bites section St. Paul Pioneer Press on Thursday. Restaurant critic Kathie Jenkins states that The Kitchen’s great asset is the patio. When Stone’s restaurant closed, locals mourned the closing of the most beautiful patio in town. Since The Kitchen opened in that space last week, people are already looking to dine outside. The new owners, Jim Kyndberg chef/owner of the former Bayport Cookery, and Erick Harcey and Ben Hiza, who also run Victory 44 in Minneapolis, moved in without changing much of anything. As a matter of fact, the old Stone’s sign was still up opening week.

According to Jenkins, Jim Kyndberg’s menu covers all the bases – beef tartare, shrimp cocktail, raw oysters, calamari, burgers, steak, fish and mac ‘n’ cheese. However, she does state that many of the dishes are too heavy for this time of year. Overall though, The Kitchen is a sociable place with decent food, and it will have a crowd soon. For the rest of the summer, you’ll need good luck to score a seat on the patio.

To See the Full Article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Please Click Here

The Kitchen is located at 324 S. Main St. in the Grand Garage building. To Make a Reservation, Please Call (651)439-1900. Open For Dinner Monday-Saturday.

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