Stones Becomes The Kitchen

jim kynderberg

Jim Kyndberg, former head chef and owner of Bayport Cookery, will be opening up a new restaurant in the space that used to be Stones restaurant in the Grand Garage building in downtown Stillwater. My sources tell me that they will serve American-Bistro fare, and that the menu has already been written. He has plans to expand the patio in size to include what is now the parking lot and the atmosphere may also change a little in order to lessen the Minneapolis feel and to attract more locals.

The new restaurant will be called The Kitchen, and apparently it will open this Monday, July 5th! Rivertown Inn’s own Chef Ray Wyatt will be helping them get started in the kitchen. They will certainly be off to a quick start. There is also a rumor going around the Chef Kyndberg may re-open Bayport Cookery in the fall of this year. We at Rivertown Inn wish Chef Kyndberg the best of luck in his new venture and we look forward to recommending the restaurant to our guests!

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