Cirque Du Soleil “Whooza Kooza” Crew in Stillwater!


I just heard that ArtReach Alliance and Cirque Du Soleil have partnered to bring the “Whooza Kooza” crew to Stillwater to announce the arrival of KOOZA! The Whooza Kooza crew are a team of promotional performers who will be playing and clowning their way into the hearts of those who live in and visit Stillwater to celebrate the coming of their new touring show to Minnesota. The Kooza Crew will be clowning around and interacting with visitors in Lowell Park this Friday, July 3rd from 5:00-7:00pm. They will pull in audience members to participate in the performance and take photos, which are available online for free! You can see photos of the Whooza Kooza’s recent visits at

PLUS: If you visit with the Whooza Kooza Crew, you get 30% off your KOOZA tickets! Having been to several Cirque Du Soleil performances, I can tell you that this is a great deal and it will be a fantastic show. Cirque Du Soleil has never failed to amaze me.

KOOZA is a story of The Innocent, a melancholy loner in search of his place in the world.  The Innocent’s journey brings him into contact with a variety of strange and comic characters such as the King, the Trickster, the Pickpocket, and the Obnoxious Tourist with his Bad Dog. The show explores themes of fear, identity, recognition and power through smiles, laughter and bold slapstick humor. KOOZA will surprise, thrill and chill you!

It brings Cirque Du Soleil back to the source by combining two circus traditions – acrobatic performance and the art of clowning. The show will wow you with acts that challenge the senses and keep your pulse pounding. Tickets for the KOOZA show are now on sale online! You don’t want to miss it!

For More Information on KOOZA or To Buy Tickets Please Click Here:

KOOZA in St. Paul/Minneapolis


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