Minnesota Bicycle Festival 2009


The Nature Valley Grand Prix is returning to Minnesota bigger and better than ever! The Nature Valley Grand Prix is a five day race that draws top pro racers from all over the country. If you haven’t experienced pro racing, mark your calendars for June 10-14, 2009 and find out what you’ve been missing! Pro racing is a dazzling sport you can only fully appreciate in person.

There are six separate races that make up the Nature Valley Grand Prix and our very own Stillwater, Minnesota is the proud host of the Grand Finale and final race of the competition. The Stillwater course is known for its hills and features a trek up Chilkoot Hill every lap. Those who know Stillwater, know the strength it takes just to walk up the hill! And this isn’t just one climb up Chilkoot, the riders will have to climb the hill every lap. That is 12 laps for the women and 20 laps for the men! This lung-busting hill climb along with the nerve-testing downhill turns will stretch the riders’ bike handling skills to their limits and combine to give this criterium an international reputation as the hardest in North America. The pressure is so great that yellow leader jersey often changes hands on the final day of the Nature Valley Grand Prix.

Come to Stillwater to experience this exciting event and cheer on all of the competitors!

Good luck to all of the riders participating!

For More Information, Please Visit www.minnbikefestival.com



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