A Day in the Inn Life


What a beautiful day today! The sun is shining, and  the temperature outside  is perfect. Too bad that we have been stuck in the office for the past couple days. We took the opportunity to install  a new computer two days ago. Unfortunately, there were some unexpected “issues” involved in transferring our programs to our old computer to our new one. Our poor IT guy was here almost everyday for the past two days just waiting for older and very slow computer to transfer files. End results? We have one new computer that is running our new reservation system and e-mail ten times faster than the one before! And unfortunately, we now have one that refuses to even turn on. Oh well! We are still able to take reservations and answer e-mails  on one computer, and that is all that matters! Everything else will have to wait.

I am also still working on our “Area Activities” section of the blog. I highly recommend taking a look! You can find detailed listings of everything from restuarants that we recommend to historical sites to romantic activities and events available here in Stillwater, MN. I am quite proud of that section. It isn’t completely finished yet, but I am about 80%  there and getting closer every day! We are also getting ready for a busy weekend. Housekeeper Sandy is upstairs cleaning rooms right now. As much trouble as my job has been the past few days, I do not envy Sandy. She is one hard worker. Even though cleaning the same rooms everyday must be tiring, she is absolutely meticulous in her work. Handyman Greg is working on changing lightbulbs that are two high for me to reach. That, and I have to admit that I am afraid of ladders. Sad, but true. I am not scared of hights if I am adequately strapped down, but the shakiness of ladders terrifies me. So, Greg is kind enough to replace lightbulbs I can’t reach without going up past the third rung on a ladder.

Innkeeper Mary is in a meeting working on certain marketing prospects. At least she was able to take the past two days off. She is supposed to have two days off a week, but she ends of being here everyday anyway! Running an Inn or Bed & Breakfast  isn’t as simple as one might think. There is just so much involved. We all enjoy our work though. The weekends are what we live for. Guests always coming and going, helping couples plan romantic evenings, making sure everyone feels pampered. That is the fun part. I will never stop loving the look on guests faces as the take in our lovely gardens and decor. You cannot help but feel proud of your accomplishments. All of our hard work is worth it in the end!

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