Room Highlight: Agatha Christie Grand Suite

A new feature we will be adding to the blog is Room Highlights. We will have a picture of the room and description, as well as some interesting facts about the pieces found in the room and how it was designed. This week’s Room Highlight is on the Agatha Christie Grand Suite.


The Agatha Christie Grand Suite is located in our separate carriage house. When current owners Jeff and Julie Anderson first bought the Inn, the room was actually used as the garage. They knew that they wanted to expand the Inn and create a suite out of the space, but because of the size and shape they were stumped on what to do with it. They area was too long to make it into a typical room. Finally, after weeks of deliberation, designer Ed Hawksford came up with the idea of a train car. Because the rooms are all named after literary figures, they named it Agatha Christie, paying homage to her book “Murder on the Orient Express”. Designer Ed Hawksford used a picture of a train car off of the Orient Express to create the suite as you see it today.

The room features a king-size birth style bed, a tub room with a large whirlpool tub (6 ft in diameter!), a kohler massage tower/steam shower combination in the second bath area, custom woodwork, a gas fireplace and a private patio. It is also the only room in the house that is handicap accessible. The room is truly exquisite and by far the most popular room that we have. Many couples choose to spend their anniversaries, wedding nights, and honeymoons in the Agatha Christie Grand Suite.

To see more pictures of the room, please visit our website:

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