Basque Country Cooking Class

We held our Basque Country Cooking Class today and our guests had a wonderful time!

Today they made everything from a Black Olive & Tuna Spread for crostini to White Asparagus Soup to Pollo A La Vasca (Basque-style Chicken). They learned how to home-smoke fish and they even braved making Sweetbreads with Garlic & Parsley! Sweetbreads are not for the faint-hearted, they are the thymus and pancreas glands of a sheep. An unusual food by today’s standards, but they weren’t squeamish and they actually liked it when they tasted it! After they were finished cooking, they were able to retire to the front porch to sit and enjoy the beautiful weather with their meal and a few glasses of sparkling wine. Everyone had a good time, though a few did have to cancel their dinner reservations because they were too full! Here is everything that they made today:

Black Olive & Tuna Spread on Crostini

White Asparagus Soup

Salt Cod Fritters

Salsa Verde

Basque Style Chicken

Sweetbreads with Garlic & Parsley

Almond Tart

Sweet Basque Cream

To see more information on our cooking classes, please visit our website at, or call (651)430-2955.

We also have a few seats left for our Basque Country Wine Dinner on April 23rd! For more information, please click here:


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